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A term to describe something absolutely amazing. This word sums up things that are so can't find the words to use. Well this is it.
Dude, last night with that girl was unbelievably dinah!
by rayray7209 March 22, 2008
Hottest girl you'll ever come across! Gorgeous face, amazing tits and a great ass! Hard to find but a real dream girl. If she's sexy, sweet, smart and practically flawless... chances are her name is Dinah.

Also known as:


*Sex goddess

*Marriage Material

*An Angel
"I've met the girl of my dreams, from head to toe this girl was simply a Dinah!"

"I wanna meet a Dinah."
by Jonathan1983 August 15, 2008
beautiful girl
awesome sibling
rare name
a hebrew name of the Bible, meaning "vindicated or justified"
unique name, as well as unique person
there were famous people named Dinah like, Dinah Shore and Dinah Washington
meet a Dinah, and you're sure to be satisfied, because even though it's a rare name, the person with this name is too, of a rare awesome sort!
See that girl over there? She must be a Dinah! She's so awesome and unique!
by bizzlefizzleshizzle March 23, 2010
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