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Noun & Verb: resembling something of poor or ghetto character/quality.
Those true religion jeans she's wearing are bangy!
by Team Lil Kim March 05, 2012
An adjective to describe someone who is too good at a certain topic or an event which is unbelievably good. The word 'bangy' can be used to sum up performances around a certain area.
Example 1: "That goal from Lionel Messi was bangy"
Example 2: "Wow, she's level 80 already? That's bangy"
Example 3: "Ah they lost the cup final. I'm afraid they just weren't bangy enough today"
by TheRealSeasider October 24, 2014
a term for a male bitch. who is fucking around everywhere and doesnt care with whom.
he is such a bangy.
by sarah99 April 05, 2006
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