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barack(in swahili baraka) means blessing
just like Barack Obama's father was from east africa and people from east africa(Tanzania,Kenya and Uganda)speaks swahili
by mfalme May 29, 2009
in swahili askali means police and afande means soldier
you talk like askali(police)
by mfalme May 29, 2009
tomba in swahili means having sex/fuck with a female
i wish i can tomba that girl
by mfalme May 21, 2009
swahili word means: danger,bad(in good way), beautiful,talented...etc
that girl she's hatari
by mfalme May 29, 2009
shenzi/mshenzi means bastard,moron,dirty,cheap person in swahili
you always talk rubbish,you shenzi/mshenzi
by mfalme May 21, 2009
in swahili is penis
big uboo
by mfalme May 21, 2009
mamba is crocodile in swahili
In Swahili:kuna mamba ndani ya maji

In English:there is a croc in the water
by mfalme May 21, 2009

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