When a work hot girl you've liked decides to hook up with someone else in the workplace, like a ninja, since she's already in a relationship.

Usually the person she decides to hook up with is a cocky asshole to everyone, except her. All chances of hooking up with said girl are now less than zero. And she decidedly notices no ones existance except for her own.
"What happened with Maggie, I thought you where into her."

"Well she disappears every day to go hang out with Tanner even though shes got some boyfriend. Hes a egomaniac, and she eats it up. I don't fucking know. It's shit."

"LOL you got bammered. Nice guys finish last."
by fryssucksgirlsarewhores February 07, 2010
Top Definition
Being drunk or intoxicated with a bang.
Last night we got so bammered, we tried to break into Jean Michael's house.
by Kokokeka August 15, 2008
Is another word for hammered! And stands for being bammered at the BAMA London parties!
Man I got BAMMERED last Wednesday!
by Daniel D. October 15, 2007
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