Ball:TO play basketball or basketball in gerneral it can refer to other psports such as volleyball but ball mostly used in the urban area and only if u hav sum skill in basketball
Lets play sum ball fool
by 1mTooShort August 02, 2005
v. To commit nearly any action, whether or not with a specific object in mind.
- I balled that flounder (i.e. it's gone).
- Can I ball some of that drink, shorty?
- I'm gonna ball over there real quick.
- Time for me to ball out with it all out.
- MMMM.... Sorry, bro, didn't mean to BALL.
by Joseph P. H. March 16, 2008
3.50 grams on that powder scale.
my homie hooked me up with a ball of yayo
by Endonesia_BBMT October 11, 2005
To drive really fast, with the connotation of driving somewhat out of control.
"Oh my god, we made it to the beach in two hours; we were fucking balling."
by none none March 05, 2005
To despise someone or something in the worst way possible.
I ball the shit out of you!
by fjaooz October 02, 2003
a word used by young female hipsters -- meaning cool, bitching, awesome, fun.
"That club was ball."
"Joe is ball to hang out with."
"Your boyfiend is so ball."
by Benny, Just Benny July 09, 2004
To jizz on
After that handjob he balled her in the face.
by David Kaiser April 20, 2003

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