$100 or a BALL 10,20,30,40 is $110,$120,$..etc.130
"Man I paid ball 80 for them jordans."
"i need a ball 10 by friday"
"migga let me borrow a meatball;ill give it back"
by ElMoney June 08, 2006
A small person.

A pet name for a kinky person.

Someone who's round and likes to bounce on the ground.
Person:' Aww you're my little ball'
by Llama God September 10, 2006
used as an exclamation of frustration , anger or disappointment
He shouted "balls!" as he spilled the last beer.
by baylee July 20, 2005
background comes from the ever intimidating town of bremerton.definition=no.a shit and milk were stonedand they tried to get a retarded girl to say ball but all she would say was no,then when it was time to leave the retarded girls' mom said okay retard do you want to go home now?and she said "ball".
hey can i borrow your girlfriend?reply=hmmm let me think(pause for dramatic effect)BALL!!!!
by j -beer April 17, 2005
What I like to suck on when I give YOU head.
I play with them and suck on them with my tounge ring
by Luvangel311@aol March 23, 2003
To be like Rob. To play games in a rolled up ball image. When doing this it helps rob to be a better gamer, rob is also known as a shell.
Dude me and Rob was playing his xbox, and he pulled a BALL!!
by J Riek April 08, 2005
A game played by using the ball that we got at Niagara Falls for vacation. This game is very similar to catch except i always throw it hard at my brother and make him call me big poppa.. o yeah thats right.... i went there! Quote Stewie from family guy, "Nevermore." Anyway, we outta go play ball now and get in the other room so that we can watch American Idol in approximately 7 miutes from when you a=look at this. Ha I'm right!
Let's go it's currently 7:55, time to play ball!
by Stevesims316 February 02, 2005

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