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From the term, "to get your ballslap on". The sound thats created by the balls in heavy and vigorous sex with a female from behind doggie.
(Mike) Why are you walking like John Wayne?

(Sean) coz i got my ballslap on last night wid dis dirty gashment!

"Ring me back in 10, i'm getting my ballslap on"
by Stuart Macdonald February 22, 2007
The act of slapping someone in the balls. Usually done from behind the person and swinging down towards their balls over their shoulder.
There's nothing like a good ballslap to ease up the nerves.
by RenegadeTeabagger March 09, 2003
Gyrating your body until yor sweety balls slap against your body making a loud noise
Alex is the king of the ball slap.
by Just a guy December 03, 2004
The funky underground sport involving a bouncy ball and a flat surface. Bonus points awarded for random haltings of the game. (ie stuck in a shoe, stopped by a sink, burried in cat food..etc.)Served with the palm of the hand and the wild cry of any asian word; (Bonsai!, sushi!, Tea Bag!)
The ball is then vollied by a series of strange slaps and occasional catches. A kick is not prohibited, nor is it reccomended.

"So I threw my back out playing a rousing round of ball slap last night."
by Lumberjacks in checkered caps January 24, 2008
the act of ones nuts smashing anginst the chin of a trophy bride
hey bitch open your mouth so i can get my daily ballslap
by tandk October 03, 2006
When one guy backhands another guy in the balls with such force that it causes extreme pain. This is done for fun and for laughs as to watch the person in major pain on there knees holding there balls. It's not funny when done to you but it's funny as hell when done to someone else.
I ball slapped tom so hard that that he was on his knees for 20 minutes and i laughed so hard at his pain.
by SnakeFist April 10, 2010
When you drop a deuce so long that when it finally all exits it slaps your balls as it tips over
I had a nice ball slap but had to wipe the skid mark off my sack
by SDSkidmark June 09, 2016
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