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1. A term used to describe a person (generally male) suffering from hair loss, during their midlife crisis. A Baldilocks can often be singled out by the large bald-patch on the back, top or front of their head.

2. A person who is completely and utterly bald. See also: Skin head.

3. The main character in the children's story, 'Baldilocks and the Three Hairs.'
Lani: Woah. Look at our new teacher.
Delia: *Looks at teacher* He is such a Baldilocks.
Lani: I think we should buy him a wig for his birthday.
by Barclay Crayfish September 01, 2010
Slang for a youth who is suffering from severe follical deficiences
Baldilocks, baldilocks, where are you??
by Gelder and Mark June 28, 2005
A completely hairless female genital area.
Baldilocks was looking so fly and feeling so smooth after her waxing appointment.
by Snocap September 21, 2006

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