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The unintentional look of coolness, focus, and determination that appears on one's grill when put in front of a mirror.

A self-preservation technique in which one fantasizes about looking way better than they really do, usually occurring prior to a significant social outing.
Rick got suited up for a night out with his homies. Prior to his departure into the evening, he gave himself one final mirrorface, putting all of his insecurities to rest. He knew he was ready to slay some hoes.
by Snocap September 19, 2006
Someone who farts consistently and violently, resulting in knockouts to anyone who chooses to enter into their ring.
Brandon is so lactose intolerant that whenever he drinks milk, he becomes Gaseous Clay and ends up clearing out the room.
by Snocap September 26, 2006
n. Someone who adds no "flavor" or "spice" to the conversation or group, to the point where the others forget that he/she even exists. This term was derived from the parsley herb which is mainly just used as garnish on a plate, yet is rarely eaten.
Man, I think we should eliminate Gary from our crew - he is such parsley and can never pull any hot ass!!!
by Snocap September 19, 2006
The act performed by a caucasian who is driving while loudly listening to a tight hip-hop jam, but suddenly approaches a stop sign or red light. If the driver notices a black person within close proximity, he/she will attempt to subtly turn down the volume. This volume adjustment is done to avoid the uncomfortable feeling of the black person noticing that the driver is just another cracker trying to be down, but failing miserably.
Once James pulled up to an intersection and saw the potential for his cover to be blown, he started volume chumping to minimize his exposure.
by Snocap November 16, 2006
Literally, the acronym BFFWFN, which translates to "Bad From Far, Worse From Near". This term refers to an individual who may find someone unattractive from a distance, yet from up close, he or she looks even more repulsive.
Dave saw Rhonda from across the street and realized that she was busted up. He later bumped into her at the corner store and nearly hurled all over that biffwiffin.
by Snocap September 19, 2006
Literally, means "I don't know", but it's these 3 words condensed into one and pronounced ebonically.
D: Where's my Eazy E cd at?
S: Ahohno, fool!
D: Dag, what are you good fo!!
by Snocap February 27, 2007
Violating someone's 3 foot personal space rule, getting in someone's grill, and being way too close for comfort.
I don't understand why Maleeq is always shopping in my store? He needs to step off and get away from me with his funky breath.
by Snocap September 28, 2006

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