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Bengali slang for a whore/ loose pussy. A very bad girl.

Also means,'son of a bitch/hore'
Khanki maagi, toke dharshon korbo. means: U ho, I will rape u.

Apni sokhale uthe khan-ki? means: what do u eat in the morning??

by poopnyohat October 04, 2005
Bengali slang for pubic hairs. Also used to call very close friends. Most common word among buddies.
Ke re bal, kamon achis?? means: How r u dude??
Tui amar bal. means: U r like my pubic hairs.
Balershwar-bal, horidash pal. means: U geek, don't act oversmart.
My bal is far better than u...
by poopnyohat October 04, 2005
Bengali slang for Goat fucker.

When used to a friend: Hey dude.
To stranger: very offending.

Bokachoda...betichod! eai ne amar nunu.
tui ekta bokachoda, amar nunu choos. means: u goat fucker, suck my dick.
by poopnyohat October 04, 2005
The buttocks, butt, ass. Often used in the case of cute butts.
Bengali slang, not so vulgar.
ke sundor pacha..! means: goshhh!!! cute butts(compliment).
nongra pacha, palaa. means: dirty butt, fuck off!
tor pacha marte dibi?? means: will ya let me fuk n ya ass?
by poopnyohat October 05, 2005
Person who likes chut(cunt) is chutia.
Also a person regarded as foolish, inept, or clumsy &/or an ass whole is a big chutia.
Chut maroo, bhujiya khao...
Do u mofo's think I'm a chutia..??
by poopnyohat October 04, 2005
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