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1. The action of squeezing someone else's arm.
2. Squeezing someone's arm followed by the word Badinga
Richard:Hey man!
Craig:Hi, *squeezes arm* Badinga!
by R_Lorenzo May 30, 2011
28 3
casabas, melons, titties, knockers, etc etc. see also badootskus
Man, check out the badingas on that ute...her badootskus almost knocked me on my ass
by NicholasPickelus June 03, 2006
7 4
A stupid word from an old cartoon. Badinga!!! A Colorful fun enducing friend.
Where is the life cereal? Badinga got me. No But I'm based on a real flying dutchman.
by Efrum the Retarded Rabbit September 02, 2003
5 13