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To wake up the next morning after a heavy drinking session the night before still feeling very drunk
Dude 1 "i drunk so much last night man"

Dude 2 "yeah dude your so badged right now"
by Thebadgemeister July 16, 2011
To be attacked while in the hospital on mobsters with a police badge do damage while in recovery
To be badged:
"Flashing your police badge, you easily gain access to the hospital ward where Unreal Outlaws lies in recovery.You punched Unreal Outlaws in the face, dealing 3 damage.
Your target's whimpering brings in the hospital staff. Flashing your badge, you quickly slip away while the doctors puzzle over your target's new bruises."
by KayenX April 08, 2009
to remove a badge or badges from an unexpecting car for enjoyment or revenge.
More likly to occur to expensice cars like beemers or mercs
Mother F*****! some one badged my car
by RoaDKilL teh 1337 March 28, 2005
To remove the badge(s) from an unexpecting car for revenge or fun.
DAMN! Ive been badged
by RoaDKilL teh 1337 March 28, 2005

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