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An exclamation that usually forebodes a sexual act, more than likely an unwanted one.

Depending on the context, it can be used interchangeably with DO NOT WANT.
Gurlfran 1: Ugh, Joe tried to put his arm around me at the movie theater.
Gurlfran 2: BAD TOUCH, BAD TOUCH. D:
Gurlfran 1: Nah, it's chill, I cockblocked him.
by Skul February 28, 2010
19 8
another word to describe what a peadophile does to a minor
that 40 year old over their gave bad touch to that 13 year old
by rickibee94 December 10, 2009
46 12
1.a song by the bloodhound gang about kinky sex
2.anything you do alone
3.a song to sing if you want kinky sex
person 1: woo me with loving words
person 2: you clean up with a mop and bucket...we can do it doggy style so we can both watch sex files...
person 1: i love you
by ocfangurl March 17, 2005
73 46
Purposeful sexual contact with a family member.
I couldn't believe Mark would bad touch his sister
by martin_sergeant October 25, 2003
39 53