Dress in a Santa outfit and fuck a girl up the ass, saying "Ho, Ho, Ho" at every thrust. Santa outfit optional.
I took a girl home last night and pulled a Bad Santa on her ass.
by pstage August 01, 2007
Top Definition
Amazingly underrated comedy boasting a hilarious Brett Kelly as "The Kid" and Billy Bob Thornton (in his greatest performance since Sling Blade) as a foul-mouthed, alcoholic Santa Claus.

John Ritter's last film before his death, and one of the most politically incorrect movies of all time.

A Christmas story in a category of its own.
Bad Santa could have been terrible, but the excellent casting made it incredible.
by jimmy patrick February 25, 2008
A friend who gets crappy drunk and is notorious for urinating on himself, as well as your furniture, in the same fashion Billy Bob Thornton displayed in the movie "Bad Santa"
Ryan got crapped again and went bad santa. Now I gotta steam clean the couch and carpets.
by Big P.C. from the Natti December 03, 2008
when a girl licks the testicles and sticks it up her butt then sucks it off as you say Ho Ho Ho
my girl did a Bad Santa last night!
by undeadfriendmitkiff December 01, 2013
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