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Amazingly underrated comedy boasting a hilarious Brett Kelly as "The Kid" and Billy Bob Thornton (in his greatest performance since Sling Blade) as a foul-mouthed, alcoholic Santa Claus.

John Ritter's last film before his death, and one of the most politically incorrect movies of all time.

A Christmas story in a category of its own.
Bad Santa could have been terrible, but the excellent casting made it incredible.
by jimmy patrick February 25, 2008
Tom Green's magnum opus and one of the most underrated comedies in cinema history, bearing a stellar performance by Rip Torn and a slew of cameos ranging from Anthony Michael Hall to Shaquille O'neal.

Seriously, ignore the douchebags who hate this movie, give it a chance, it is hilarious.
Yeah, obviously, if you hate Tom Green you will probably hate Freddy Got Fingered, but whether you admit it or not, the man is a genius.
by jimmy patrick February 25, 2008
The pocket of fat above the knee of an obese person...can be used for sexytime, storing personal items, or as a hand/foot-hold to reach the elbowgina (or other hole).
She wasn't fat enough for me to put it in the elbowgina, but the kneegina was a perfect fit!
by jimmy patrick February 14, 2008
1. adj. used when someone is hot enough to jank to.

2. n. A special place (study, lavatory, closet] used for masterbatory sessions.

3. n. Laboratory specially designed for studying masterbation.
1. Holy shit, I met Kristen's little sis last week, girl is fully masterbatory!

2. If you'll excuse me, I need to step into the masterbatory for a quick tug.
by jimmy patrick February 19, 2008
A place used for masterbation.

Also can refer to a masterbatory stain.
Dude, your mom's bedroom makes for an excellent tugspot!
by jimmy patrick February 19, 2008
A special rain slicker worn while masterbating to deter any errant cum strands.

Also refers to a condom worn only to jerk off into.
Whoa, whoa, hold your horses there tiger, lemme get my jerk jacket on first!
by jimmy patrick February 19, 2008
when you rape someone and cheat on your partner at the same time.
Damn, that bitch was so fine I just HAD to chape her! I hope my girl don't find out!
by jimmy patrick February 14, 2008

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