The name of Veronica Mars's dog on the show "Veronica Mars". Is very protective of Veronica, and can attack if Veronica says so, but however if he likes someone (ie. Logan) he doesn't attack.
Me: "I really enjoyed the Pilot episode last night. What was your fave part?"
You: "The bong prank - classic!"
Me: "I liked the bit where Backup attacked Felix Toombs and felix was screaming and dancing like a sissy with Backup on his arm!" *giggles*
by Lisa Parnell April 18, 2008
excess cum stored in the balls because you haven't shot your load in a few days
I need sex now, I've got backup
by Freaky Deaky October 30, 2005
More comfortable way to say tampons or maxi pads in public.
"Hey, can you check aisle 2 for tampons back up for me?"
by Ellegold April 16, 2014
To get someone's backup: when someone lashes out in anger at another person in response to a comment or statement they found extremely offensive or irritating.
He got my backup when he said those things. I called him a hypocrite.
by echain March 29, 2005
That guy in SOCOM 3 that keeps pwning you. Derived from the way the opponents body flies backwards when shot with any of the various shotguns in the SOCOM trilogy.
"Man, ..backup.. keeps pwning me, that bama lags hard."
by ..backup.. August 22, 2006

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