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Spackle Ass is the result of many hot, wet farts released over a long period of time without wiping. The person with Spackle Ass may feel as if hot spackle (or glue) has been poured in between the ass cheeks, and is usually very uncomfortable. Spackle Ass also happens while running and farting at the same time, or while holding in a shit for a long period of time. The best remedy for Spackle Ass is a hot shower. If not a shower, then a hot, coarse rag usually helps get rid of the Spackle Ass.
I really need a shower, Peggy. I got a bad case of Spackle Ass while driving up here, and it's starting to burn.
by SweetBill December 07, 2005
Something that is used to wipe the ass when conventional toilet paper is not available. Most often, the need for TP Backup is when the person pooping misjudges the amout of toilet available at the time. Hand towels, magazine pages and discarded tissue are often useful TP Backup.
When the toilet paper ran out, I realized that there was still more poop to clean off my ass. I looked around the bathroom and saw a Cabbage Patch Doll, I had to use it as TP Backup , or else i'd be in big trouble later.
by SweetBill December 07, 2005
A long length of feces that is curved at one end.
Take a look at that old man's cane in stall number 3, Luigi.
by sweetbill May 05, 2008
When someone's erect nipples can be seen through a shirt.
Are you cold Harriet? It appears you are smuggling Chilean Sweet Peas.
by sweetbill February 11, 2009
Extreme abdominal pain and discomfort caused by listening to terrible adult contemporary rock music. In most cases, the sufferer may experience sharp gas-pains, diarrhea, bloating, foul smelling flatus, nausea, and dizziness.
In some extreme cases, depression with thoughts of suicide have occurred.
While browsing through the carpet store, I noticed a Billy Joel song playing. I had to leave because I was experiencing a severe case of Mellencramps. I drove to my friend Rick's apartment, and promptly used his toilet to relieve myself.
by SweetBill February 11, 2009
Occurs while taking a dump, when a person gets up, expecting to see a large load, but nothing is in the toilet. Usually happens when the feces slides down the toilet hole and out of sight.
Oh man..another David Copperfield..i really wanted to show Mark that one.
by sweetbill May 05, 2008
A joke played in an office environment where the perpetrator leaves a piece of feces in the break-room refrigerator.
Frank thought it would be funny to pull a rumpelstiltskin on Friday. Now I have to throw out my extra taco bells.
by SweetBill February 11, 2009

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