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1 adj. One who watches you play any video game, and tells you what to do while playing. When you lose they often blame it on you and call you a noob or mock you.
Lewis: Left, left, go left! keep your crosshairs up, crouch, crouch DAMNIT CROUCH

*Evan gets killed*

Evan: Guy... what the fuck? Lewis you're such a backseat gamer.
by Atlec November 08, 2005
The person or people who try to direct a one-person game by making useless comments and suggestions, much to the annoyance of the gamer.
Gamer: I love Assassin's Creed 2!! I'm gonna make Ezio go over these rooftops for fun!!

Backseat Gamer: why don't you just go through the streets? It'd be quicker and less bother.

Gamer: =_= ohhh you're so annoying
by BadWolfFile November 26, 2009
Someone who insist on telling you where to go, how to get something or how to complete a level while you're playing.
"hey you forgot to go get the key too unlock that door" "hey man i was going to, god stop being such a backseat gamer"
by Joe Norton April 27, 2008
Like a backseat driver, a backseat gamer is a person who tells you what to do in a game that you're playing while you're playing it.
"No, shoot that guy! Not that one, that one! The other guy!"
by NINJA_CARROT July 11, 2009
Typically an individual whom excessively shouts at a friend who is trying to enjoy a game. Feeling that if the person isn't doing well in the game for lack of concentration. To the surroundings in the game, that by shouting in the person's ear on how to do it, the white noise being yelled at in the background will somehow improve concentration. Sometimes this can be beneficial while at other times you want to shove the controller down their throat and hang them from the ceiling with the cord.
"Dude you're not doing it right! Don't use that gun, use the other!"

"You better shut the hell up with the back seat gaming it's getting on my nerves..."

"Just do what I say all ready!"

"Seriously, stoping being a back seat gamer!"
by DmnKain September 12, 2009
Someone who watches people play video games and tries to give them tips on how the game is "properly" played.
I like playing Fallout 3, but not around Nathan. He's a backseat gamer.
by cooseff2 August 15, 2010
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