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Like a backseat driver, a backseat gamer is a person who tells you what to do in a game that you're playing while you're playing it.
"No, shoot that guy! Not that one, that one! The other guy!"
#backseat #driver #back #seat #gamer #games
by NINJA_CARROT July 11, 2009
A person who downloads lots of large files untill they fill the computers hard drive completely. Then, they free up a miniscule amount of free space, then fill it up again.
When Jimmy found out that he could actually download porn, he became a comp crusher.
#comp #computer #download #porn #internet
by NINJA_CARROT August 18, 2009
Medical slang for "Sorry Motherfucker, You're On You're Own". Used when someone has been injured so horribly, there is nothing a doctor can do.
The man was hit by a train, then flung onto the interstate, where he was hit by 6 semi trucks before rolling off the bridge into the river below, being bitten by a water snake, and getting creamed by a speed boat. After he was brought to the hospital, he was diagnosed with SMYOYO syndrome.
#fuck #fucker #doctor #slang #medical #death
by NINJA_CARROT August 09, 2009
A person who exceeds the limits of being a douche, douche bag, or even a douche canoe.
dude 1: You suck at this game.
dude 2: Man, I literally picked it up 30 minutes ago.
dude 1: You suck. Just like your mother.
dude 2: Stop being such a fucking douche bomb.
#douche #bag #bomb #canoe #asshole #mean #doosh
by ninja_carrot November 05, 2009
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