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The backside of a female.
Bro, did you see the that girl that just went by.

Hell yes, that lady had a fine back nine.
by sanfred January 18, 2011
Reference to the anus in regards to the performance of Anal Sex.
1. I played the back nine with my girlfriend last night.
2. I teed off on the back nine but she kicked me off the course.

by Wes Wylerson April 20, 2006
The act of having anal sex while on a golf course.
Hey baby, lets go to the golf course and do the Back Nine.
by Golf-Pro641128 February 17, 2010
When you get little sleep at a friend's house/wherever you passed out, head home, and get the rest of the sleep you need to get a full night's rest; a non-contingent nine hours of sleep.
John: Wow, three hours of sleep at this party? I had better head home to get the back-nine.
by kingPontus January 24, 2010
Getting raped up the ass, non literally, maybe literally.
*Killionaire* Wow, you motherfuckers got raped up the back nine!
by T-painizzle May 10, 2009
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