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16 definitions by sanfred

A massive ball of resin pulled from a marijuana pipe, rolled into a ball and smoked.
Dude, Charlie hadn't cleaned his bowl in like 6 months, dude pulled like 3 musket balls out.
by Sanfred March 23, 2010
Getting a handjob while riding on a roller coaster where your feet dangle. When you are climaxing, kicking your legs furiously as if you were walking on the sky.
Man, were you scared on that ride, your legs were kicking all over the place?

No way bro, Kelly gave me a quick handie, I was Luke Skywalking.
by sanfred December 15, 2010
1. The act of taking a dump into a pot of boiling water.

2. The act of busting down the door and shooting someone in the chest with an elephant gun dressed as Hunter van Pelt from Jumanji, while they are taking a dump, and stealing their shit.
1. Bro, I was camping last weekend and after I was done cooking the beans, I took the leftover water and took a dump in it.

Dude, yes, I love Loaf Poaching

2. Ricky is in the bathroom right now, I want to play a prank on him, what should I do.

You should absolutely poach his loaf man.
by sanfred December 13, 2010
Your face, or personal space close to you.
I was skating in front of the bank and that fat security guard came up and got in my face.

I hate that fat fuck, what'd you do?

I told him to back off and get outta my front nine or I'd have to whoop his ass.
by sanfred January 11, 2011
The backside of a female.
Bro, did you see the that girl that just went by.

Hell yes, that lady had a fine back nine.
by sanfred January 18, 2011
Coach a little league team to the city title, take them out to pizza to celebrate, have them come back to your house for ice cream, kill them, have sex with them and bury them in the walls of your basement.
Hey man where's Rick been, I haven't seen him in months.

Dude, he got sent to jail bro, got busted pulling a little leaguer.
by sanfred December 15, 2010
female ejaculate, she cum.
Bro, I was hooking up with Jenny last weekend, I was in the zone, I must've hit the right spot because she busted the biggest shload I've ever seen.
by sanfred January 23, 2011