Slang word used in London, short for tobacco.
"Oi, Lend me some bacci mate"
by Lissy November 01, 2004
Top Definition
Slang for hand rolling tobacco.
Never ever smoke after eating peanuts. It made my Drum bacci taste like Top.
by pallidsoul January 09, 2010
To be bent over while dancing provocatively. One dance partner must approach the other from behind and bend them at the waist while continually performing a gyrating motion with their hips. Victims of bacci are usually held in this position for extended periods of dance and suffer eventual loss of dignity.
"That girl got baccied so hard last night."

"I baccied her for the entire song."

"I just want to be baccied at the club tonight!"
by gaelfail August 29, 2011
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