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some one who is fucking another up the ass.
He packed fudge last night.
by lissy April 28, 2004
urinating on someone during sex
he gave me a golden shower last night
by lissy April 28, 2004
Slang word used in London, short for tobacco.
"Oi, Lend me some bacci mate"
by Lissy November 01, 2004
Cockney background (Way of speaking in London), Means One Hundred GBP (pounds)
"Oi mate, lend us a ton"
by Lissy November 01, 2004
another word for manwhich, getting fucked in the ass and vagina at same time.
Trey and Bo double-done me last night
by lissy April 28, 2004
spanish word meaning your back is crooked.
That scoliosis girl is horobada.
by Lissy March 10, 2005
a woman who not only looks like a man, but acts like one too. these people usually have short cropped hair and turn out to be lesbians.
shes a manbeast
by lissy June 12, 2004

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