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1. Cheap wine, either 26$ of 16$.
Younger kid drink it now for recreation.
Older folks can't believe it's still around.
"Woah there!, you've been having too much Baby Duck."

"Oh, that's okay, I got my own Baby Duck."
#baby duck #wine #cheap #twenty-six #alcohol
by uncle-focka September 02, 2008
Amazingly soft pussy, often of a chubby girl.
Guy: Man, I fucked that chubby chick from the party three times last night

Guy's Buddy: Good pussy, huh?

Guy: Like baby ducks.

Guy's Buddy: Nice!
#pussy #fucking #tight #sex #orgasm
by I Fuck Mothers February 01, 2011
Tina Aiken's catch pharse in the massively popular CMS films!
Baby ducks, I just can't know why! I need some JB!
by Charlie January 12, 2005
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