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A word to describe an object, person, or situation that is of partiular low quality. Is closely synonomous with something being hood or ghetto.
Derives from a street name in Ypsilanti, Michigan.
Man, that shit is babbit
by E-Weezy the Champ January 27, 2008
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lighthearted black slang for lie, falseness. Substitutes for "shit", "trash".

Extreme cases might combine "bull" or "horse" to emphasize the magnitude of the detected falseness.
"Mann, what are you saying'. That's babbit."

"You're so full of bull babbit."
by Eric March 21, 2005
another example of slut or whore but more advanced.
a babitt goes after her friend's fathers and brothers and her very own inlaws.
Do you beleive that babbit slept with my father?
by FluffStuff January 10, 2007
A cute nickname for someone you love. Combination of Baby and Rabbit.
"Hey Babbit, i love you :) !"
by bomjedam December 20, 2009
As in Raymond Babbit from Rainman......some one who is a bit "special"
Look at that idiot over there
Oh yeah he's such a babbit.
by lizd79 September 02, 2006

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