A term used not only when a party thrower can not supply all of the booze at an up comming party (Bring Your Own Beer), but also used when a guy throwing a wack ass party can not get enough females to come..in this instance: (Bring your own Bitch(es)). Both ways are usually a clue to go to a different party.
Party thrower: hey man, I'm having a party tonight, unfortunately it is B.Y.O.B. in both reguards.

Potential Guest: fuck that dude...i got plans
by n.d.p.p.p. July 24, 2006
Bring your own bacon
There's free pancakes at IHOP tonight!
You better B.Y.O.B. !
by xxherpesxx February 27, 2010
Bring Your Own Bitch
Come to to my party but you have to BYOB.
by pacsucks05 December 31, 2005
Bring Your Own BIOS

Back in the earlier years of computers, prior to standardization, manufacturers of expansion cards put the BIOS commands for the device directly on it, stored in ROM.
Eric: Mr. Williams, I can't find a driver disk for this modem!
Mr. Williams: Duh, there isn't one! It's BYOB, the bios is ON it!
by Eric Pheterson December 14, 2004
Bring Your Own Bitch
The bitches are NOT on tap.
by Diego November 18, 2003
Slang evolving from pubescent gum chewing parties. It's an acronym for "Bring Your Own Bazooka". (Bazooka is a popular brand of chewing gum)
Kid 1: "You comin' to my chew party tomorrow?"
Kid 2: "For sure...what kind you got?"
Kid 1: "Screw that...it's B.Y.O.B."
by DaBunny June 03, 2005
Bring your own bitch
Tom: what's up with the party tonight, everyone brought a bitch....

Dick: yeah, didn't you know it was BYOB night?
by Spltbird October 21, 2002
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