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Australian useage,short for Bring Your Own: unlicensed restaurant where you have to Bring Your Own grog, also similar party or barbecue
A BYO restaurant around the corner was sold
by southernsky November 30, 2006

This is similar to BYOB or BYOW, except it stands for anything. Bring your own beer, weed, whatever. Mostly used for party flyers and et cetera.
Party at my place, BYOS!
by estherr July 19, 2006
An amazing song by pianist/vocalist/percussionist/guitarist Regina Spektor. In this case, BYOS is an acronym referring to Bring Your Own Shovel. It is a play on "Bring Your Own Sh*t" in that the song is about receiving an invitation stating to "bring your own shovel and shovel up the mess."
My invitation said bring your own shovel; I brought my own shovel, BYOS.

"I love the song BYOS by Regina Spektor. "
by Penelope Red March 23, 2011
Bring Your Own Substance(s). Used for party invitations to let guests know they're responsible for supplying their own alcohol, drugs, smokes, etc.

Similar to BYOB but not limited to beer.
Come to my place on Friday. BYOS.
by the_Cheshire_Cat February 08, 2011
Bring Your Own.
Name for a guy who always announces to bring your own but always scabs off others because he couldn't buy from a bottlo because he is such a pinner
Grant: Oi party tonight! BYO!
(At party)
Chris:So grant what did you bring?
Grant:I got denied at the bottlo, can i have a beer?
by LOBSHA~ October 01, 2003
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