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buttered means to be extremely drunk or hiqh off of somethin .
" damn yu shoulda came to that party last niqht everybody was buttered ! "
by lOV3x July 01, 2009
86 41
The idea of being "butt hurt" about something, but buttered is what it sounds like if you say it fast.
Gosh, Nick is so buttered about Tim not inviting him over with everyone else.
by Urban Dictionary February 17, 2007
108 59
1. To be harshly, intensely high off of marijuana and the like. Typically used by people that are past the point of several hits, as your average sober Joe will use more sophisticated terms such as 'blazed' or 'lit'.
Dude. Me and the guys split a dub last night, and we got four fat joints, two huge grape blunts, and two fat bowls going around the group at the same time. We got so buttered man!
by TheWeedHead November 21, 2013
2 1
Being 'Buttered' is to be slightly high or drunk.
"Awh man! Look at Bryan! He is so buttered, he even brought his own munchies!"
by Dick-Licker October 01, 2011
18 17
Buttered --

Losing one's employment as a result of using a racial slur in the workplace ala Paula Deen circa June, 2013.
"You hear what happened to Bill? The Spics in HR Buttered his ass for saying 'Fo Shizzle, My Nizzle' in the locker-room!"
by needmaps June 24, 2013
3 7
Extremely intoxicated on any substance; mostly relates to alcohol.
You should have came to the kegger last night! Everyone was buttered!
by dutchswiss November 21, 2006
35 52
Verb. To accidently or purposely slam a girl into the dashboard while getting roadhead.
John: I'm sorry I buttered you.

Katie: It's cool. Just don't slam me into the dash again or else no more roadhead.
by Troy Hugecock December 17, 2010
17 35