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A sweet little boy from South Park. Hes so stupid and cute and dont ya just wanna hug him?
"Well thats ok. Id rather be a crying pussy than a faggy goth."
by SpookyOne August 23, 2004
Everyone. Everyone is conformist. Even you and I. No one can be themselves in this gay labeling world. WE ARE ALL CONFORMISTS IF YOU LIKE IT OR NOT!
Were all conformists on this gay planet made of water and land. -Me.
by SpookyOne August 23, 2004
What Cartman likes to say in the episode of South Park "Spookyfish". Im sure he does it to annoy everyone.
"You guys are just hella jelous.
by SpookyOne August 23, 2004
A stupid red-headed girl who obsessess over South Park and water. Likes making up gay words and hanging at her friends house. Likes to say gingersnaps and thunderturds. NEEDS TO GET A LIFE!
"Me, myself, and I."
"My life story."
by SpookyOne August 23, 2004
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