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1) a stronger version of sonic
2) faster than the speed of sound
3) very loud
1- i play sega games. super sonic ftw!
2- during the cold war, supersonic jets were produced by the united states and soviet union
3-"i can't hear you!"
by 005david August 18, 2007
like clicktease it is deceptive. unlike clicktease, it leads you to believe you are NOT going to see porn. usually, reverse clicktease leads to gay porn.
reverse clicktease is an easy way to get banned from forums, mmorpgs, and the like.
by 005david August 18, 2007
the biggest reason to run linux or mac os, other than viruses.

similar to:
Bsod is one thing windows can do that Mac OS and Linux can't.
by 005david August 18, 2007
global warming was a term made after global cooling stopped. the people who support the idea of global warming don't see that climate change has been going on for hundreds of years.
up, down, up, down.
global warming, global cooling, global warming, global cooling.

and it must be OUR fault.
by 005david August 18, 2007

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