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A family or group of family members that is well respected by everyone. Everyone thinks they are "the shit". In other words if you ever get a chance to meet one of them make sure u show your respect, cuz otherwise you will get both your legs broken!!!

People with alot of money.

Translated to the word Bridge in English from Spanish.
Man that Antonio Puente he really is a good guy he really helped me out!!

Its a good day to be a Puente!!!!

Man those Puentes are some scary dudes. . . Stay outta their way!!! Thats why i am in a wheelchair for 6 months!!! OVER 50 BUCKS!!!
by 509'z_finest February 20, 2009
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Puente - slang

Literal Meaning: bridge

Slang Meaning: long weekend

When all the mexican nationals invade your city cause their town is closed for a long weekend.
What the heck is with all the traffic downtown? Oh crap! its a puente weekend!
by SexyTexan January 05, 2012
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