abrev; used by military personel when abreviating the word barracks.
indiv. 1 "wow she's hot, what are you gonna do with her"
indiv. 2 "well i plan on getting her so drunk she cant even speak german anymore, then try to take her back to the b's
by living proof December 12, 2003
boob sucking. instead of awkwardly saying boob sucking, say this. only uppercase, lowercase still stands for bullshit.
what'd yall do last night?
oh just a bunch of B.S.
by whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat March 16, 2011
Means baaawww story, mostly means an excuse(story) which in which the person doing it is in tears or incredibly sorry (or acts like it). Baaawww is the crying sound, usually combined here with puppy eyes.
You are late for class, I hope you got your BS ready.
by klcker January 20, 2009
1. Banana Split
2. Bull dung
I love to eat BS all day long
by kaleel April 20, 2008
Brezza Speak : Usually consisting of an almost unbelievable story or tale about the man himself or a close relative/friend.
Brezza: "I was once kidnapped by The Mafia and force fed crisps until I agreed to hack in to the police computer system."

You (not to his face): That's a load of BS!
by CitiSlave May 30, 2008
The Bank of Springfield
It's where Homer gets his money from.
by cmkrcs1 April 12, 2005
To have dirty butt sex
"Yo bitch we gonna BS tonight?"
by mattes4425 March 28, 2005

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