describing a certain school that sucks ass and causes cancer, produces many dumb children and may cause insanity. worst fucking place and poorer then the poorest place in mexico.
BS is poorer then a third world country
by 14352grsadgv April 28, 2006
bacon strip
While mom washing washing my drawers she commented on the long BS in them. I told her I forgot to wipe.
by Jacomba March 03, 2004
abbreviation for bugspray
These bugs are horrible! I need to use some BS!
by markmark529 February 07, 2004
money count , as in Bucks
"How much money do you have on you?"

"oh damn... i only have 6 B's"
by JS & KM September 05, 2008
1. (n) a man who is polite and sociable in public , rough in the sack. has made some pretty bad judgement calls in the past but is turning over a new leaf. Intelligent and athletic, he is someone who makes my heart flutter. Someone you wouldnt mind making lots of curly haired babies with.
"how are things going with you and BS"
"good, he finally aknowledged me in public"

by the unrequited lover November 17, 2007
abbreviation for babysitter
"I like to read the BS Club"
by markmark529 February 07, 2004
abbreviation for bad stuff
that's some real bs peter saltfleet!
by Dr. dos August 09, 2004

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