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Abbreviation for Barclays Premier League
The BPL is the most entertaining football league in the world.
by John Claude di Ronaldi October 21, 2012
Big Penis League.
An exclusive group for men of excellence that have gargantuan penis's. You must be atleast 46 inches after an icebath to join.

Group Activities Include:

-Sword Fighting
-Taping our penis around our ankles (To avoid public nudity)
-Entrapping girls at parties with our penis's.
-Having huge fucking cocks
-Taking advantage of Meg when shes asleep
-Sending bitches to the hospital
Yo man yeyeyeyeyeyeye my cock is 49 inches I'm a BPL boiiiiiiiii holla holla holla holla holla holla my dick is massive
Only the God Damn Bootball Prediction League!!!! The finest Bootball prediction league there is with the greatest managers and premier stars such as the Evil Honkies and the Bent Coppers.
God Damn that BPL be one helluva motherfucker of a league
by D. Committee July 08, 2004
Black Pussy Lover- someone who loves black pussy, only dates black girls, the girl version for a BDL which means black dick lover
boy 1:Jack he only dates black girls

Boy 2: ahahah he is a BPL
by itsmebitches_niggaplease November 07, 2011
the back parking lot at East Bridgewater High School. Not to be confused with the Boston Public Library.
"I hate those twelve-year-olds who are always riding their bikes in the BPL."
by I Miss E.B. September 14, 2008
Big Pussy Lip - One abnormally large labia.
These jeans are so tight that a blind man can read my BPL!
by starlight88 February 03, 2010
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