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The power of CAIR - Council on American-Islamic Relations to exert influence on public opinion, law making and law enforcement.
The FBI wanted to arrest the Muslim man who killed his two daughters after they dated a couple of infidels, but lack of cooperation from the local cair-force allowed the man to flee the state.
by idleworshipper October 24, 2008
Someone who is totally dedicated to Obama's point of view on any issue, regardless of whether he is right or wrong.
I wanted for him to win the election so much, that I could only see one side of the issue, and became an obamaramus in the process.
by idleworshipper July 29, 2009
The lowest point a financial crisis can reach before it recovers. This includes house prices, the stock market and the sticker price of cars.
After house prices reached barak bottom, they could only go up.
by idleworshipper March 31, 2009
A horny man, usually a pretty boy or celebrity, who tries to hump or bump almost any woman in sight. Like a male dog when it smells a bitch in heat, these men cannot resist grouping, goosing, feeling up, or pinching the bottoms of their targets, especially when left alone, regardless of the time of day.
Harry was well-known in political circles and became famous as a legislator, but his female staff members knew him as a sex poodle who was constantly finding excuses to hug them closely, and pat their bottoms. One staffer even complained about strange stains on her dress.
by idleworshipper June 24, 2010
Combination of Obama and oratory. The public speaking style of Barack Obama characterized by anyone of these features: stock phrases, gross generalities, hasty assumptions, appeals to emotions, and lack of specific details.
After examining Obama's speech more carefully, I was very dissapointed, because it was nothing but more empty crowd-pleasing obamatory.
by idleworshipper July 29, 2009
A sudden disillusionment with Obama's presidency as the result of a policy failure or public relations blunder.
I had hoped that understanding the details of the economic recovery package Obama proposed would restore my faith in the economy. I expected to find hope, but all I got was an obamarectomy, instead. Now, I will never vote for the guy again.
by idleworshipper July 29, 2009
Michelle's husband is a reference to Barack Obama in hip hop and rap songs.
An oil spill may have kept the fishing fleet from going out, but did not stop Michelle's husband from enjoying the beach anyway.
by idleworshipper June 16, 2010

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