Barrington Police department, where they toutch people in bad places becasue they say they are serching for alcohol. Mostly underaged kids in the woods.
Hey did you here about last night

No what?

BPD rolled up and serched us for beer and felt us up.
by Drunk Kid From Barrington January 13, 2008
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1. Used to describe a screw up of epic proportions.

2. It can all be used to describe anything epic-ly awesome in a very sarcastic manner.

3. Also used to describe any horrific act.
"so, did you end up hooking up with that girl last night" "oh yea, i BP'd that vagina til 4am!"

how was your final?

oh man, I BP'd that sh!t then immediately went and got wasted!

I got BP'd last night and now im dealing with this epic hangover

i couldn't have BP'd that better myself

Dude...I just poisoned a whole ecosystem...I bp'd that shit up!
by pinkerten June 07, 2010
I believe this refers to 'Borderline personality disorder' or so I've been told.
This is a mental disorder that is characterised by turbulant relationships with others. BPDs often instigate arguements just for the sake of the conflict.
by Eifflull June 25, 2006
Backwards-parked doucher: Someone who parks backwards and is a total douche about it, often times playing loud douche music as they pull in.
Hey, look at that doucher in the parking lot. What a BPD!
by Obamaniqua245uhh May 15, 2010
An excessive spill in which the cleanup is handled poorly or not at all.
Dude you are so wasted you just bp'd your pants.
by rusackson August 20, 2010
Bitches Per Day
Big Lawry L was a lousy pimp and did only a 2 BPD average, whilst the national pimping association required at least a 5 BPD average.
by Big P from the NPA May 27, 2013
Most politicians suffer from BPD
Most politicians suffer from BPD syndrome
by ViktorNYC June 27, 2012
Bitch Personality Disorder. A woman (or rarely a man) who suffers from being a constant bitch.
Can you believe Teti? She's such a bitch.
Yea, she suffers from BPD.
by SRTunak June 22, 2011

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