Bend Over Here It Comes Again- militray explicitive verb.
That act of getting shafted by your unit, common reference to homosexual act of bending over and grabbing your ankles for insertion of object/s into your anus, usually painfully and without pleasure.
Look guys, the 726th shut down the porta-johns for some stupid ass reason, BOHICA!
by charlieT November 12, 2006
Bend over, here it come again. Military slang.
The Navy screwed me twice this month, but BOHICA.
by Scwwarrior August 31, 2005
A term used in the military, commonly the Marine Corps, meaning, Bend Over Here It Comes Again. Intended to describe being screwed over by the military.
"They are sending me back to Iraq again."
"well you know what they say B.O.H.I.C.A."
by J. T. Sweeten May 05, 2008
b.o.h.i.c.a-bend over here it comes again.
a military term for getting screwed over.
pronounced bo he ka
Shit were getting deployed again,might as well bohica.
by sar gently January 13, 2009
A dirty word in storm chasing, Roughly meaning: I SURRENDER / Also as an acronym:
Bend Over Here It Comes Again
when a stormchaser is tired of chasing for the day he/she will say BOHICA
by Stormfinder January 22, 2009
A word that if used by an employee in communication with management, will cause an uproar spanning at least three levels of said management. Following exhaustive research by the lowest level manager, the vulgarity of the term will likely be used as a red herring by management to distract from the true issue at hand.
I included a reference to BOHICA in an email to a director and boy what a mess that created. They must have spent hours delegating the task of figuring out what it meant.
by Employee4321 August 08, 2008
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