an acronym,taking the first letter of every word in the phrase, 'Bend over, here it comes again.'
'Well, Billy Ray, looks like we're bohica, one more time.'
by TatuBaron February 26, 2008
A word that if used by an employee in communication with management, will cause an uproar spanning at least three levels of said management. Following exhaustive research by the lowest level manager, the vulgarity of the term will likely be used as a red herring by management to distract from the true issue at hand.
I included a reference to BOHICA in an email to a director and boy what a mess that created. They must have spent hours delegating the task of figuring out what it meant.
by Employee4321 August 08, 2008
Bend Over Here It Comes Again
After taking a break from sex and are finally ready to perform again simply shout "BOHICA!" And get that girl in position.
by Dayne K. Dimmick October 24, 2008
noun. 1. short for "Bend Over, Here It Comes Again"
When I lost my 14th straight blackjack hand, I was pretty sure the next hand would be a bohica.
by JosephD August 29, 2006
Acronym for: Better off Hooking in Central Africa; You would make more money being a prostitute in the middle of nowhere.
Damn it Jane, you can't do anything right, you would do B.O.H.I.C.A.
by IDCareFTW January 05, 2011
"Bend over, here it comes again!"
- i.e. Prepare to get owned again.
H4h4h4h4, 1 pwnz0r3d j00! But guess what... BOHICA!
by Drúadan June 14, 2004

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