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One who gets so drunk that he loses consciousness and finds many different women attractive, while still managing not too puke.
Dude, you pulled a BMac!
by Sal February 25, 2003
116 35
One who is awesome and extremely well versed in the ways of macking; in general, a great kid. Friends and teammates alike look up to him for his excellence in school as well as on the field.
p1: Wow, brian is a great guy!

p2: Yeah, he's a bmac.

p1: You'll never be as flawless as bmac. cy@
by TheyCallMeSkers April 22, 2010
119 7
The King "Mac Daddy"
see Brandon.
Brandon a.k.a bmac is the king.
by Bob June 11, 2003
126 44
the person who thinks Sal is gay. HAHA
by BMAC February 25, 2003
75 35
The area in the brain that is responsible for hunting big game.
Omg that dude is so hot, my BMAC is is raging right now.
by MacAttackkkk May 13, 2013
8 0
The gayest most irish piece of shyt in valhalla
wheres Bmac, its time to get drunk...hes irish...he can get drunk.
by RB October 21, 2004
42 67
a person who acts really dumb and sometimes is gay
Dude? Why are you hanging out with that bmac?
by Ator February 02, 2006
26 68