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Best Film Ever!
"Hey, if I saw myself in clothes like those, I'd have to kick
my own ass."
by RB November 30, 2003
A combined snuggle and nuzzle
She hugged him tightly and snuzzled adoringly
by RB November 24, 2003
Someone who is Homoerotic, or takes it up the exit hole.
Oliver you are such an arsebandit, go away you prick.
by RB November 28, 2003
to have a shit
'i'll be back in a sec, i'm just gonna drop off the kids'
by RB November 29, 2003
A girl who closely resembles a boy.
also Girl boy, a boy who resembles a girl.
Why is that boy wearing a skirt?..oh...its a boy girl.
by RB November 28, 2003
When someone makes a cock of them self, shout taxi for (then there surname)
Also see Soccer AM and lovejoy
Man called Mr McClaran falls over a root of a tree...
his friend Mr Gates says "Taxi for McClaren"
by RB November 30, 2003
It's the state of... You know, it's induced by... Thinking something is... is... Awesome.
There's nothing wrong with making up words. Stuponfucious. (penny-arcade.com)
by RB December 11, 2003

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