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Accronym: Boo Motha Fuckin Boo
She's walking like she has a stick up her ass. BMFB!!!

Her hair looks like she got electrocuted. BMFB!!!
by bmj05 May 26, 2011
30 6
Bang Me From Behind
background: Yiddish
Yo, look at that ass, shes totally a BMFB chick.
by Jorge Fonseca February 09, 2005
10 6
Accronym: BITE ME FAN BOY!
<bob> STFU
<Joe> BMFB
by yoshio November 18, 2004
8 9
be my fuck buddie
will you bmfb
by ultraaa2 June 09, 2009
2 6
burn mofo, burn!

Shorthand for expressing frustration, and disgust over something, or someone's actions.
After the 4th round of interviews you are told:
- We'll keep in touch.

So, naturally, you think to yourself:
- WTF! You've wasted time for this? BMFB!
by oceanbreeze29 March 04, 2010
2 7
Big Mother Fucken Boobs
YOUR MOM HAS BMFB!!!!!!!!!!!
by LIL_TWEETY November 06, 2007
4 9