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abbreviation of blow job or blowjob. Occurs when a female puts a man's penis into her mouth and sucks on it while tonguing the head. Apparently very popular among young teens, equivalent to kissing.
I don't think I will ever give a BJ... but I heard my best friend did it in the car while her boyfriend was driving.

Nancii gave me the best bj I've ever had.
by Jake March 23, 2004
stands for Begeejuz, basically a bedazzled Jesus.
Person one: What does B.J mean?
Person two: Sound it out
Person one: Oh, I know. It means Begeejuz, doesn't it?
Person two: Okay...
by ZBAVA May 13, 2009
Or boner jam. The act of jamming or hitting a guys penis while erect. Very painful
Hey dude i gave Brandon a bj.

Wow his penis must have been really horny for it to hurt.

I know.
by chocolaterainlol1 October 16, 2008
the dumbass bitch that loves to give head. is also loud and annoying. does anything that walks, even a dog. She will do anything to get an A even if it envolves sucking on her own tits. and she is bi.
BJ sucked the fat ass sub we had just to make him happy.
by tanner (sucks cock) bolye April 10, 2008
it happens always when you do sex. (as part of foreplay) so the penis got hard before doing it in a womans sex organ, whether its oral or anal...
BJ me first so i'l get hard and wet.
by mElai April 02, 2006
Betsey Johnson, a high fashion clothing label.
"Boys love BJ's" or "I love BJ"
by c July 31, 2004
1. to receive a blow job whilst the giver is barfing
Ryan: Oh Grandma, that BJ feels so fine.
Brenden: gurgle gurgle gurgle
by bj king pin September 08, 2008
Abbreviation for the Queer As Folk couple Brian/Justin.
bj are ment for eachother.
by Mel-i October 29, 2006

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