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Hit You Up
Tom: Hey Sally, long time no see...
Sally: Yeah...I was going to HYU last week, but I realized how lame you were.
Tom: Ouch.
#hmu #aim #brand new #dry #shoulder tapping
by ihearthead January 20, 2010
Blow Job, oral sex
Tom: Dude, I just got the sweetest B.J., she did it like a pro
Jack: Oh really? Who was it, I want some of that B.J. action
Tom: Dude...it was your mom
Jack: ?!
#oral #blow job #head #sex #girls
by ihearthead July 30, 2011
A person who goes on google looking for quotes to tweet on their twitter and pass off as their own thoughts.
Chad: Dude I unfollowed Rick on twitter, and you should do the same.
Tom: Why? What's wrong with him?
Chad: All he does is tweet quotes from google and pretend he made them up like me and his other 30 followers are stupid.
Tom: Ugh, he's such a Google and Tweeter.
Chad: Right, google and tweeters have no room on my timeline.
#twitter #followers #google #hyu #tweeters
by ihearthead August 15, 2011
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