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An action that is worthy of shame and disapprobation.
An action not done by decent people.
It is shameful for a man to drive a car with an automatic transmission. That's just plain effeminate!
It is shameful for a man to babble on the cell phone while he drives. That's even more effeminate!
It is shameful for a man to be a liberal. A real man takes care of himself and doesn't walk around with his hand out begging for a government handout!
It is shameful for a poofter to wear a sequined jock strap and pretty angel wings and prance in a parade. That's acting like a pansy!
It is shameful for a man to worry and fret about honest people owning guns. That's acting like a wuss!
It is shameful for a woman to go out with a guy who treats her like dirt. That's acting like a slave!
It is shameful for a woman not to take care of her own children. Even a horse or a monkey takes care of her own children!
It is shameful to worry and blather about your fears. We're all in the same boat, people. Suck it up, shut your mouth, and deal with it.
by Belinda the Goat July 10, 2008
1.) Full of Shame

2.) Particpate in actions which make you look ignorant, stupid, embarrassed.
"You Shameful for calling me and asking me to scratch your dandruff!"

"Girl Boo, You Shameful!"

"You Shameful for coming out the house looking a Hot Ghetto Mess!"

"You Shameful for being on urban dictionary for 2 hours."
by TheInitiatorofChillNice April 27, 2006