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Ballers in debt can also be used with the expression BTTW (balls to the wall)

Used to describe Vanessa and Sabrina's bad habits
Vanessa and Sabrina are BIDies
by Sabrinatads October 11, 2013
3 0

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The world's most amazing, beautiful, smart, gorgeous, cute, funny, kind, sweet, loving, adorable, amazing, precious, pretty, absolutely incredible girl in the whole wide world. She is the most beautiful and loving person i have ever met. Bidy is an amazing girl and any man would be SO LUCKY to have her. Just seeing her and being around her can make life so much more pleasant, taking your mind of all the problems in the world.
I love Bidy, she's the best thing ever happened in my life.
by carloss9209 April 14, 2011
20 20
An old lady, a hag, someone whom is old in age and in body. A woman that is mean and bitter.
Did you run into that old bidy? Her comments are so uncalled for!
by Maegan B. May 20, 2007
18 23
the body of a prozac milkshake
wow- if he keeps fucking with me- i'm gunna bury his bidy!
by sassy March 24, 2005
11 26