BFF is the ultimate sex routine: (1) Blowjob, (2) Fuck, and (3) Facial.
"What do you feel like doing tonight honey?"

by monsterjerk August 21, 2011
One of those texty abbreviations for "best friend forever," which became one of those corny, douchey, CW-ish, The Hillsy things said by white females and the reporters on 7:30 entertainment shows. It's right up there with OMG, OMFG, g2g and ttyl on the gayness scale.
Extra: Lindsay Lohan and her BFFs Britney and Paris were seen bar hopping along Sunset.
Me: Can't remember the last time I gave a sh*t!

<cue valley girl accent> My BFFs and I are going out for coff-ayyyy, wanna come? It'll be a blasty-blast!
by Kuahmel January 23, 2009
a) Typically it means “Best Friends Forever.”

b) After seeing numerous dental hygiene patients NOT flossing daily, a male hygienist in WA state one day (mid-September, 2011) came up with a fun way of incorporating “Flossing” into people’s daily routine. He believes doing three things daily---“Brush, Floss, and Fluoride” will decrease the chances of getting cavities and gum diseases, will save a lot of money for his patients (not having to spend money to fill the cavities) and will make people happy, hence BFF (Brush, Floss, and Fluoride). Eventually he wants everyone to have the habit down and that should be everyone’s Best Friends Forever.

c) He gets a lot of chuckle from his patients over this new twisted definition and enjoys seeing his patients motivated to do BFF daily.

d) He expects to see a lot of Thumbs-up after this post. People who click on Thumbs-up agree with him and will Brush, Floss and do Fluoride rinse daily to keep their gums/teeth healthy.
Hygienist: Hi Linda, how has your Best Friends Forever (=Brush, Floss, Fluoride) been lately?

Patient: Haha...Well, I’m doing well with Brushing 2-3 times a day, but Flossing could be better. I use Fluoride rinse a few times a week for the past several months, and it seems to help with my sensitivity.

Hygienist: Well, it sounds like you’re doing much better than the last time. Keep on working on your BFF. That will be your Best Friends Forever! :-)

Patient: Thanks. The BFF thing really helped me to remember to do all three daily. My gums don’t bleed as much as it used to.
by WA RDH September 26, 2011
As seen on an episode of 30 rock.

BFF stands for "butt fucking festival"
Jack: Look we got BFF bracelets

Liz: you guys are best friends forever?

Jack: thats not what that stands for..

*whispers in Liz's ear*

Liz: Why would you celebrate that!
by jumboooooobs January 08, 2010
An abbreviation for Banter food and fuck/ frolic. A more frank version of Netflix and chill.
Emily 'I don't want a boyfriend and Hulu and commitment'
Hannah 'bag yourself a BFF fam'
by Hanily March 07, 2016
Noun) This simply stands for best friend forever. A BFF is someone who has been there for you at all times and will listen to what ever you have to say. They will call you just to see how you are, but that's if they're not with you at the moment. Usually, a BFF is someone you've known most of your life and have been through a lot with them.
Thad: Dude, why are you always with Yamila?
Sonny: It's simple, she's my BFF.

Greg: What does BFF stand for?
Sonny: Best Friend Forever, idiot.
by Sonny the Stuntman February 02, 2009
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