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A generic term for a certain type of GAY. This 'gay' thinks himself macho, and manly and akin to an everyman figure.

He strongly believes the songs 'Macho Macho Man' and 'So Macho' were written about him.
Finding this place is like finding a 'Hillsy' in a Gaystack.
by Kevin Rowland August 08, 2003
9 4

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A man who uses cucumbers outside of salad applications.
If you don't shut up I'll use this cucumber and do a Hillsy on you. Thusly you will come like a Hillsy. Twat.
by Djemba Djemba July 31, 2003
13 8
A man it is unwise to leave your children with because they will end up fucked shitless.
I would let you near my child, but I think you may be a bit of a Hillsy, and don't want him come over. Twat.
12 9
A flamboyant homosexual who refuses to come out because either he doesn't know he's gay or doesn't want anyone knowing.
Elton John and Freddie Mercury were such Hillsy's but came out eventually
by Dave Buller July 28, 2003
9 6
Adj: An oblivious woofter; An unaware mincer.

One who is either ignorant of their own homosexuality, or is in a state of denial.

Usually symptoms include a macho preoccupation with their image and Cricket.
Dale Winton provided a classic example until recently.

Ian Botham
by Wilmot Brown July 30, 2003
9 7