Black Friday Friend. The person you are next to in line that you chat up during your wait before the doors open. The conversation usually involves some sharing of personal information or previous Black Friday experiences. Your BFF can give you some useful shopping tips if they are a seasoned Black Friday shopper. Note: Once the doors open, your BFF may become an adversary.
In line at Wal-Mart on Black Friday my BFF told me the exact location of the 40 inch LED TVs on sale for a hundred bucks. After the doors opened we both raced for them and I punched her in the head as she reached for the last the set.
by Dokto Snuggo January 18, 2013
Abbreaviation for best friends forever.
Me and Amy are BFF for life!
by friendlygigchok September 11, 2012
Big fat f*cker
2 girls: we're Bff's (bestfriendsforever)
2 guys: haaha big fat f*cker!!
Acronym for "Best Facebook Friend".
Meaning a person who you are in contact with regularly on Facebook, however you rarely speak to in real life.
1: Hey man you know that girl Cindy? She must want to get with me. We've been talking on Facebook all the time!
2: Forget it dude; she's just a bff.
by The Webman August 28, 2010
Acronym for: Best Fuck Friends
"George and Lisa are BFFs"
by Super Hot Hotshot March 01, 2010
bitch for fuck
Girl:Boy, you are my bff (best friends forever)
Boy:Girl, you are my bff too (he have mean bitch for fuck)
by coft May 19, 2009
I think except Best friend forever, it can also mean best female friend. Why not?
Sara is my bff.
by lizzie_bennet October 22, 2008

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