Acronym for: Best Fuck Friends
"George and Lisa are BFFs"
by Super Hot Hotshot March 01, 2010
someone who makes you feel constantly high on life, someone who makes you laugh uncontrollably for long periods of time, someone who provides you with the best inside jokes, someone who would be willing to skip down the hallways with you screaming, just to make people stare. best friend forever.
aww chloemae youre my bff i love you so much!
by crissyg November 22, 2009
bitch for fuck
Girl:Boy, you are my bff (best friends forever)
Boy:Girl, you are my bff too (he have mean bitch for fuck)
by coft May 19, 2009
Many of these definitions make sense to me, especially 'best friends forever' as the probably original genesis. Albeit, the word BFF is also the name of a mossy rock / abstract pop music band.
I am enjoying Bacon from BFF on my boom box.
by scupperjunior April 09, 2009
Contrary to popular belief the acronym BFF does not mean best friends forever. The actual meaning behind this is "Built For Fuckin" and refers to any female that has features that make her good for one thing and one thing only...FUCKING!! Features such as a big round ass, big ass tits (perky or floppy), long luscious legs, big full lips, and sexy fuck me eyes are all traits that make one "BFF"
guy 1: "Damn dog, look at that bitch over there she's fine as wine"

guy 2: "Yeah, she's definitely BFF!!"

guy 1: "what's that?"

guy 2: "means she's built for one thing and one thing only...FUCKING"
by T Weezy77 October 01, 2012
Abbreaviation for best friends forever.
Me and Amy are BFF for life!
by friendlygigchok September 11, 2012
Butt Fucking Friends. BFF's are friends that routinely engage in anal sex with one another.
Me: "Have you seen Ted and Steve?"

other person: "They wanted some alone time they are BFF's"
by iantmcg December 19, 2011

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