Big fuckin deal! Of no consequence to any one in particular.
"Jason just got a new Testarosa." "Oh, really? BFD."
by Karen Loera July 02, 2007
Baltimore Fist Dildo. A large dildo shaped like the fist of your lover. used only in the kinkiest of sexual experiences.
hey im bored. i know lets bust out that BFD and stretch my vag
by slutmasterflex1266 March 14, 2008
meaning "big foot's dick"

used to describe something that has an overly intense odor because you have nothing else to describe it with.
DUDE1: "Oh GEEZ! What the fuck is that smell?"
DUDE2: "Ugh, it smells like BFD, man."
DUDE2: "Big foot's dick!"
by LOUD NOISES July 28, 2008
In "Break A Leg"

Meaning "bald faced disease"
Jennifer: "Can you grow your beard back?"
Claudio: "No, I think I caught BFD from one of the students."
David: "Yeah, BFD, What is that?"
Claudio: "Bald Faced Disease"
David: "Yeah, that's not real."
Claudio: "Says the man without BFD"
by bobobobobobobobob April 03, 2008
Acronym for Big. Fuckin. Dump.
The latest deal by Dominos. The BFD.

"That dominos pizza gave me the BFD."

"Dude I just took the biggest bfd ever. I saved it for posterity."
by Kerryrules January 24, 2008
stands for big foots dick
*sniff* *sniff*... "What's that smell?.... its smells like BFD"
by thismuthafucka January 06, 2008
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