- BFD, a shortened form of the phrase "Big Fucking Deal" or "Big Freakin' Deal" used in online chat
- BFD, an annual alternative music festival hosted by the radio station Live 105
- BFD, a software instrument program produced by FXpansion
- "Brute Force Detection" software
I just went to BFD '07 and it was AWESOME!!!!
by Amachi October 21, 2007
Big Fucking Deal
Washington, D.C., March 23, 2010... Congratulating President Barack Obama during the health care signing ceremony, Vice President Joe Biden's utterance in front of an open mic may have gone unnoticed had he been familiar with Urban Dictionary and uttered "This is a BFD"
by Wolga March 24, 2010
BFD or Best Friend Drama is when two people are best friends with the same person and feel the need to bitch about him or her to each other.

Drama between two seperate people with the same best friend.
Marie: BFD right now Ashley! Liz is being such a pain in the butt!

Ashley: Again? There's always BFD when it comes to her!
by Irate Best Friends October 18, 2011
big fucking deal
Tommy: dude your cuz just got laid
Greg:BFD i get it all the time
by mystery???? August 18, 2009
Acronym for big floppy dildo or big fucking dildo
Used among lesbians and homosexual men.
Son of a bitch I lost my dildo.
Which one?
The BFD one
by the_calculus_kid November 02, 2010
An acronym for the term "Big fucking deal".
Chris Usher: "BFD, it's a lake."
by DumbUsername March 27, 2010
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